Homemade beauty tips for skin

Homemade beauty tips for Skin

The Secret of Beautiful Skin

beauty tips for Skin

Beauty isn't tied in with being the most attractive, or having the ideal nose or impeccable eyes. They say it is neither shallow, in any case, it can't be denied that we as a whole wish and endeavor to hold our energetic shine as we fall off age. In any event I do! On the off chance that you concur with me at that point read this blog as I share with you some individual tips to keeping up your skin, hair and wellbeing. I have been fixated on having great skin and hair from an early age. Amid my school days, I explored different avenues regarding various brands, taking a stab at anything that sounded unique and had uncommon ingredients(including snail's crap or worm's bodily fluid). However, in the long run acknowledged it was less about purchasing truck heaps of items than keeping up a couple of things in your everyday life.

Herbal solution

1. Mix black soap with natural honey. Use it for bathing especially with warm water and allow the foam to be on the body for 5-10 minutes before you rinse. Do this on daily basis for about two weeks and see the result.

2. Secondly mix four spoon of honey with half spoon of wheat powder and one spoon of olive oil. Rub your body and face with it and rinse with warm water after 3-6 hours.
Do this on daily basis for about one week and see the result.
Homemade beauty tips for skin


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Homemade beauty tips for skin
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