7 wonders herbal medicine

7 wonders herbal medicine

The 7 Benefits of Herbal Wonder

herbal medicine

There are several known to mankind. But this research group have tested and efficacy the efficacy of these seven herbs for the treatment and prevention of ailment.

1. WONDERFUL KOLA :- This is the cheapest and commonest potent antibiotic. A bite of wonder cola daily guard the body against disease. Although it is For adult only because it contains powerful active ingredient more powerful than the most powerful Orthodox antibiotics
To use on a large scale get seven big wonder cola, cut into pieces put in empty gin bottle, fill with water or gin. Allow over night if gin is used, a week if water is used. A shot everyday is needed against infection. 
2.HONEY :- Honey contains acid and minerals needed for our unkeep. A lick of honey everyday keeps you healthy. It is preferred for sweetening instead of sugar because it does not have side effect. To identify original natural honey, pour inside cold water. if it sediment at the bottom of the glass it is original if it mix with water it is fake. Second test. dip match head into honey for about a minute and strike it after some minutes. If it catches fire, the honey is natural because natural honey does not contain water to soak the match. if not it is fake.

3.URINE :- Urine is the most powerful and medicalk proven natural cure ever. It contains hydrocortisone which is a life saving remedy in any condition. Taking your first urine early in the morning goes to the cell that produces it and help to build defence against any invasion virus. It can also be useful in other areas like bathing.

4.GARLIC/ONION :- These are natural antibiotic which protect us from infection. It detoxifies the body of poison and strengthens blood vessels. Intake of garlic and or onion with enough water before going to bed on daily basis help to neutralize delldration caused by disease. Apart from its seasoning characteristics, it helps neutralize the work of worm in our system. It can be chewed directly or added into our food during cooking. 

5.ALOE VERA :- Aloe Vera is a plant that has attracted public attention in recent times because of its efficacy on skin related infection.
Most people don't know that it is equally good as antibiotics especially if soaked in natural honey. 
Aloe vera is one of the African herbal remedies that has the well deserved reputation as a "wonder plant." The African species of aloe may have some different properties. benefits & side effects than the aloe known to the west. 
Generally, the clear gel that conies from the center of the leaf quickens the healing process. The juice that comes from the base of the leaf produces laxative effect. 
Aloe vera -Aloe is one of the great healing agent among the herbs. There are some 600 species of Aloe but the most popular medical variety is Aloe vera. 

6.COCONUT :- Coconut is a plant that has been used since time immemorial because of the mysterious water in the nut. This water is a very potent antibiotic if taken on regular basis. The root is also useful. Coconut tree back has been proved to be effective in the treatment ot eczema. 

7.MISTLETOE :- Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that normally grow on another tree. It's herbal power has been proven in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and low pressure.

7 wonders herbal medicine


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7 wonders herbal medicine
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